University’s neglected experiences which matters the most

The first best decision of my life was to take admission in Computer Science at NUST .However, my parents wanted me to go to Fast Lahore since I am from Lahore. I received my admission letters from both institutes but my family wasn’t agreeing with my decision. When my parents saw me broken they allowed me to go for it and the best journey of my life started.

I remember the day when my sister told me about the best institutes of Pakistan for my graduation ( GIKI, FAST, NUST , UET & LUMS). Thanks to her to introduce me to my dream. I would often argue with my academy friends “which one is the best University?” Like FAST vs NUST for Computer Science and for overall learning environment (Haris Iqbal buddy remember..!). I preferred NUST for myself due to the fact that it provides extra curricular activities along with technical education and also the fact that it is located in the Capital of Pakistan so it was a complete package of self-development for me.

Alhamdulillah this beautiful journey of mine will complete in 2020. The reason why I am writing the post is to share my experiences about what to do or what not to do at NUST so that it might be helpful to you (Allah Knows Best).

I have seen three kinds of students at NUST
1. The ones who are passionate about their degree (Tech Boys)
2. The ones who hate their degree (“Me yahan kia krny agya..!”)
3. The ones who are easy going “Waqt ke sath chaltay rho”

a) If you are in the first category congratulations all you have to do is excel in the particular degree and your technical skill and will make you master of the Technical Field.

b) For the second ones there are two options

1. Quit the degree by wasting one year of life and then again appear in the Entry tests to get admission to the desired field and of course this is not an easy decision to make you need guts to do that.

2. If you don’t quit the degree that you hate then you have to manage yourself in way that you can pass four years of your degree and in the mean time you have to try new things to learn about yourself so that you can really know what you are made for so that after completing that particular degree you can pursue the career you really wanted. The is the most difficult part and you will have bad days like hell. You will have zero energy to concentrate on the subject and you academic performance will surely fall. You will have to learn to deal with your frustration, stress and depression which can happen due to the fact that you don’t really fit in the degree and your colleagues are doing quite well and of course family pressure. But don’t you worry 🙂 :

“And, behold, with every hardship comes ease”
“verily, with every hardship comes ease!”

Now the most important part is “how to explore yourself?”

Let me tell you there are plenty of opportunities available at NUST which can help you out in exploring yourself. There are many Student Clubs and Societies working in different domains like
NCSC , Chadar and TABA join one of them to know how to serve your community. There is NUST Literary Circle for the literature lovers and poets which can give you a chance to meet to interact with great intellectuals , writers and poets and improve your skills relevant skills. Saddle club for riders, Archery Club for archers, Debating Society to improve your public speaking and much more. Sometimes we don’t know whether we like something or not until and unless we give it a try. I have seen my seniors which are doing different jobs then their fields so its not a big deal to change your career path.

These are the most important experiences besides technical education which we often neglect

Experiences :-
1. Become CR of your class
2. Batch President
3. Event Head of Important Events
4. Event Host
5. Lead a campaign related to any social issue i.e environmental issue , plantation campaign or donation campaign
6. Take part in competitions whether related to sports, literature , public speaking ,adventure or technical, like NIMUN , FICS, Olympiad and Hackathon etc.
7. Teacher Assistant
8. President of any Central Society like NCSC , NDS,NAC etc.
9. Work in different portfolios so that you might be able to understand the overall picture of the organization like HR, Marketing, Admin Events and Finance etc.
10. Make your own Community Service Organization
11. Start a small business to gain experience
12. Cultural Exchange Programs Like UGRAD
13. Of course freelancing based on your skills to earn extra money which can be used for travelling and other activities you passionate about.
14. Seminars are very important for awareness
15. Attend National Functions,Festivals and Gatherings at Islamabad like Youth Summits, National Assembly Sessions etc.

Note:- Choose experiences according to your interest because you cannot get all of them in your four years. These experiences will help you out in
– Confidence
– Public Speaking
– Leadership
– Event Management
– Emotional Management and Social Skills
– Public Dealing
– Entrepreneurship & Business
– Competitive Exams
– Interview Skills , CV writing and much more
Feel free to ask questions

Post by: Furqan Sadiq, Computer Science SEECS – NUST

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