Some Grave mistakes committed by Aspirants of CSS/PMS:

My viewpoint and experience about Some Grave mistakes committed by Aspirants of CSS/PMS:

“It’s not a mistake to do a mistake. But it is a mistake to repeat that mistake.”

  1. Local Reading Most of the candidates rely on local writers and do not try to read even a single foreign author which results in weak argument and narrow perspective about the subject matter under study. For a broader outlook and deeply analytical approach read at least one foreign author on every subject.
  2. Random Reading Aspirants are in habit of disorganized and occasional reading which lands them in the quagmire of the unending syllabus. Don’t read whatever comes in mind or in front of you. Do read as per scheduled timetable and syllabus oriented things as per designed timeline.
  3. Reading everything Practice of reading everything is a major cause of dishearten aspirants.Make a checklist of reading books and covering topics according to your timetable and syllabus.
  4. TooMuchMOTIVATION Motivation and inspiration are good to keep candiadtes energised and committed but excess of them will make you less motivated as excess in everything is bad. Once in a week or twice in a month is not bad. Seek motivation in your own work by rewarding yourself at the completion of some target.For daily motivation read The Holy Quran with translation this will help you in preparing Islamic Studies.
  5. Company Comrades Choose your friends according to your future plans. Dont accompany those who are living in their comfort zones for years. Keep your fire lit by the company of the inspiring and high achieving candidates.
  6. TooManyCooksSpoilTheDISH Seeking opinion and advice from everyone can not bear fruit. Consult Subject Specialist,Experts in the field or those who have gone through the process.Using social media excessively and asking same things again and again on different forums will ultimately polarize your approach.
  7. Notes Making Don’t ask for notes from every successful and allocated candidate rather focus on making your own notes. If some officer gives you his/her notes and you memorize them but what about revision, subject command and personal satisfaction.
  8. Time Table Many students don’t make or follow time frame for preparation. Some study haphazardly and complain unprepared at the end. Draw a proper time scheme to finish every subject in time. Small goals are smart goals.
  9. Social Sources Through social media access to mentors is a Blessing. Use it wisely and maximize your capacity by their advice. But excessive access and contact to too many mentors will again impede smooth sailing. Guidelines does matter but your work matters, your content matters and research based knowledge matters.
  10. Weak English Everyone is complaining about weak English.Having a 16 years educational track record and thousands of words of vocabulary in brain they ask this question in English interestingly. Break the ice of your comfort zone and start writing whatever comes to your mind.You need to learn the structure of sentence and paragraph.English is not as hard to master as it is perceived.Practice is ultimate panacea.
  11. Much Ado About Nothing I have encountered a lot of aspirants who ask for the sake of asking or enjoy asking.They hurriedly ask everything as papers are going to be held tomorrow. Be patient and ask things in an organised way and jot them down. Don’t claim of having read everything as no one can claim.Be humble in learning.

“Fail to plan is plan to fail.”

Best of Luck

Ghulam Hussain
Assistant Commissioner(UT)
29th PMS-2019

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