About Us

Meet the Team

Go Careery is a platform for improving the minds of the youth by providing them with the latest scholarship programs, fellowships, trade programes, exchange programs, business programs, internships, workshops, symposium along with career advice and counseling.

Our website is a go to for every student and learner at any stage to seek knowledge and information from the seniors and alumni of different programs. It removes the gap we have encountered and create person to person mutual understanding of peace and stability.

The brains behind this platform are the connectors and high achievers of the society.

Ahsan Gul

Founder & CEO

He is an Educator, Web Architect, Scholarship Advisor and a Photographer.

Muhammad Tufail

Executive Editor

He is a Computer Science student, a Book Worn and Internet Surfer.

Muhammad Atif

Senior Author

He is an Ideas Innovator, an Entrepreneur and Political Science student.